Brittany – NC        

  • My daughter Jade was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes about a week before her 3rd birthday.  After struggling with frequent scary lows and highs and Jade not knowing when they would happen, I started doing research.  I was referred to Heartland Diabetic Alert Dogs.  I left a message for Joy and she called me back right away.  Joy and Taylor are parents of a Type 1 Diabetic themselves so they completely understood my fears.  Taylor asked questions about my family and took the time to match us up with a one year old black lab named “Marley”.  They didn’t hesitate to answer any of my millions of questions and were always willing to help me in any way throughout the process of getting Marley.  Delivery of Marley went smoothly and Taylor was excellent with teaching us how to take care of Marley and what to do to continue working with her.  Marley has been spot on with her alerts and has caught lows that I would have missed otherwise.  She fits in perfect with our family and her obedience amazes me everyday!  She is so good with Jade and the rest of our children.  I feel so much better having her here and I am so thankful for Taylor for the amazing job he did with Marley!

Campbell’s – TN

  • Our daughter Faith was diagnosed at 8 yrs. old. Up until she turned 11, we thought we had a pretty good grasp on her glucose numbers. That’s when her hormones started changing. Her A1C went from 7.4 to 9.2.we couldn’t seem to get it under control. Soon after that we started hearing about D.A.Ds. After searching the internet and looking at many different companies, we contacted Joy. She was so helpful and kind. I knew they understood the disease because of their daughter. They helped with ideas for fundraising and were there to answer any questions we had, they are there for us anytime we need advise. They  made the process so much easier. They matched Faith to a wonderful golden retriever named Arrow. The two of them are inseparable. Arrow is so well behaved. Faith has gone from having nighttime highs of 300-400 to normal 90s-140. We are so thankful to Taylor.